Saturday, March 7, 2009

my favorite day :)

oh have i told you lately that i love you :)
thank you all for reassuring me that its not just me and i'm not being a complete and total jerk to my friend! i felt so baddd  :(

i woke up really anxious at 7;30!!! ahhh
so i waited around then went to the gym for a weight lifting class at 8;30
i will be SORE for SURE tomorrow.

before i went, i ate an apple...

OKAY on to food because i had the bessssssssst breakie! on my FAVORRITE day :)

homemade applesauceee!

okay; layer of berries, 1/4 cup yogurt, layer of berries 
another 1/4 cup yogurt
layer of banana and applesauce, raisins, 
topped it with another 1/4 cup of yogurt, 
some syrup OHH MYY!!

finished product with iced coffee and urban magazine :)

last night i had popcorn & some decaf french vanilla coffeee before beddy bear

but i was quite hungry and wanted some protein so had about 1/2 cup of chobani w/ berries & some strawberry jam!

saturday to do:

walk my doggies
go to the library
lounge around
babysit at 6;30

be back later :)


Kailey (SnackFace) said...

Gahhh!! SORRY I missed last night's post (you know what I was doing, muhahaha)!!!I get territorial too, but I'd say college has really helped with this. Then again, my roomie rarely likes what I eat, so that's not a concern. But when I'm at the rents house, I used to FREAK OUT if someone finished some cereal/whatnot that I wanted. I'd get so pissed. This no longer happens though, I just go with it. I remind myself that there is other food to eat and that the grocery store always has more!

Ummm breakfast PARFAIT!!! Hello, I'll have that. Haha I had frickin soup for breakfast, so you know, your breakkie is more orthodox. Whatever. Love you lots, ENJOY your Saturday lovepie!

Lexi said...

Your brekkie looks so good! Enjoy loungin'. Have a great Saturday!!!

aussirish said...

hi beautiful!

i definetly get territorial about my foodies too btw, i forgot to mention that in the last post!

fantasmic fruity bfast :) yum yum!!!

im babysitting tonight too! crazy stuff!

have a wonderful day my love

love you lots, like popcorn or vodka shots :)

ksgoodeats said...

Ah the Chobs - I love it oh so much :)

I can't wait until summer gets here so I can start downing the iced coffees again. So good!! Have a great Saturday!