Wednesday, March 11, 2009

in history.

i'm in history. *snore*

need help from my favorite ladies!

here comes a shocking disturbance:
i'm trying to cut down to ONE popcorn snack a day, dun dun dun..

that means i want to try and eat different snacks at beddy time!
something filling & satisfying about an hour after dinner!
sweet, salty. whatever! i'm open to anything!

i really need help changing up this routine.. i can't live off of popcorn every night forever!!

so ANY suggestions ladddddies!?



ohsoravenous said...

Mmm snacksicles...cereal? Fro-yo? Pita chips? Fruit and granola? Yogurt and granola? There's a ton of options girlie - we just have to be creative (which I'm not right now. Killer headache. Hmmph)!


dailygoods said...

when i try to cut out after dinner snacks, I try to have some tea :) or a spoonful of almond butter with some choc chips haha. sometimes it works! ha. i hope tone class was goooood, and i can't wait to hear what you think about zumba!! youll be a dancing queenie

aussirish said...

hi mdear

you are such a sweetheart :) that comment you just left me was sooo nice and put a huge smile on my face!!!

and girlie when you come to dublin...we are so hanging out k?? itll be so fun...there will be no getting rid of me :P

hmmm some Pb on crackers? cause its still crunchy but has more protein....cereal? pita with PB or jam? yogurt with some granola mixed in? some toast with some form of toping? ice cream :)? the popsibilties are endless mdear, whatever your heart desires is what you should have !!!

have a great day hun! enjoy history :)
love you mucho!!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

aw i am proud of you for brancing outside of your snack zone my far as ideas - i love me some froyo, pudding cup with crushed grahams, yogurt and fruit with chocolate cyrup! or you know, peanut butter with - well - ANYTHING!!! I'm sure you'll come up with a buttload of ideas, let those creative juices flow precious!

p.s. i found those boca burgers at stop and shop! very lucky find!

have a great day Er!
xoox ~Jenny

Baylee♥ said...

good :) this is coming from a girl who used to literally live off of popcorn for like 2 months of her life..but good, im glad you're going to try a new snack as well! maybe some crackers..or cereal..or maybe get some of the mini popcorn bags to start off with and just add little additions like pretzels or yogurt (call me crazy, but i think popcorn and a little bit of yogurt is delicious!)

VeggieGirl said...

**What a eat EVERY SINGE NIGHT= bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins heated up for 40 seconds with hempmilk.

Baylee♥ said...

yesss...i do have a cocker spaniel! :)

ellie said...

just found your blog so wanted to say HI!

my favourite pre-bed snacks are:
- yogurt w/ crushed up graham crackers mixed in
- pumpkin/cottage cheese/yogurt parfaits
- english muffins w/ peanut butter and banana
- rice pudding