Friday, March 6, 2009


good evening beauties!

so todayy.. i had a little bit of a breakdown with my friend at lunch.. well not so much a breakdown as i yelled at her.. she was eating all of my popcorn i had with my lunch and i got really defensive.. first off i hate sharing my food.don't know why. just am NOT a sharer.. it makes me uncomfortable..

well i pointed out that she was "stealing" too much, and that it was mine.. she got really upset yelled at me for over reacting over popcorn and left the table...
i felt really bad but i get a temper when people eat my food.. i'm still working on this and am still in recovery and need to eat all of my meal! it was part of my carby snack that i feel like i need to finish.. idk did i over react at her?  she apologized for being so snappy with me but i just dont know!

i had a fabulous leisurely time at the gym!
i did some elliptical (20)
a little stairs (15)
and light biking (30)
all while reading US Weekly, Runners World & a lovely light hearted book!

any one have GOOD BOOKS for me to read?! fiction or non fiction! just something enthralling that will really captivate me!
i'm winding down on school work (or at least due to senioritis, and really want to start divulging myself in the pleasure of reading for fun!)


well today i finally got a new camera so YAY. but.. i didn't get it until AFTER i ate..breakfast, snack, lunch and anotha snack but..  i'm a pretttty repetitive eater though so HERE's some recyclebles!


nananaaaa nutt! & fage w/ PB & a naner!.. and raisins! duh!!!

snacked on a hunka lunka cantaloupee..

lunch was SALMON SALAD again.. ohh la la
i had unpictured popcorn for crunch  ;)
**this was a pic from my old camera when i couldnt see the screen so i just shot into random air**

i thought this was kindaaa cute heheheh hi!

soooo after buying a new CAMERA my daddy ( i wuv him)  took me to the soccer store to pimp me out in new cleats, shin guards & pre wrap (for my hair)

this was so great. oh my gosh. i LOVE being @ the soccer store so much.


my shin guards are really nice too they mold to my shin as i play and have memory foam for comfort & my puma cleats are just damn cute :)

dinnerrr was:
shrimp marinara over spinach and broccoli w/ garlic and oil.. portobello mushroom, sundried tomato, onions, peppers. THE WHOLE deal..

mmmm! baby baby!

berries & whipped cream w/ some granola sprinkled on top!



Molls said...

what an awesome day! New soccer gear and a camera! AWESOME! That is a cute picture. I hate when people eat my food as well, don't worry.

Anna said...

that new gear looks awesome! I'm always a little scared to rock new cleats but those look like they'll work just fine.

I can totally relate to your not want to share food. I have had some pretty major freak out sessions myself when people have asked for a bite of something, and I absolutely flipped shit when my mom took something off my plate without asking. I don't think this is normal behavior. My rational for my super possesive behavior is that I have already allowed myself to eat a certain amount and have accepted the amount of food that I am comfortable consuming. When someone takes some of that food they are taking food that I am not going to be able to eat, which means that I will not be happy and could end up hungry but I won't be able to eat more of it. I don't know if this really makes sense, but now that I know that my crazy reaction when someone asks for a piece of something is not normal, I try to deal with it and not freak out them. It means that I am not totally in control and that I no longer know exactly how much I am eating, but I want to be OK with that.

Your food all sounds delicious, especially that pasta dinner.

And yay for working cameras!

tinyirishdancer said...

Erin!! You're my favorite likkle babaganoush!

Oh boi. Do I ever have issues with sharing food.

Kevin: "I canz have Oreo?"
Morgan: *snarl*
Kevin: o.O

Ugh. But in all seriousness (which is no fun, I know) it's almost an anti-ED thing taken to the extreme. I feel that, if I let someone else eat part of my food, then it gives me an excuse to eat less. But freaking out about it...that's not normal either.

There's a tricky balance I think you have to strike.

*seriousness flies out the door*
Phew. Glad to be done with that poopskies.

Hmm. Reading for fun?
AP English has addled my brains.

Well. Herm. you could always read yerself sum Twilight. =D =D

Actually, I haven't done any fun readin' since last summer. Don't listen to me.

Gosh. Lookit you. All SORTS of new stuff to mess around with.
Lucky duck.

And daaaw. You're so adorabable, Erbear. Such a perty smile. =]

Wowza @ your dindins. Did you make that yourself?
If so..
Care to share the recipe?


Anyhow. I need to get MAH postie for tonight on the road. Have a loverly weekend, m'love!!

You crazay, girl.
However, this is why I love you. =D

aussirish said...

hi girlie

haha love the pic of you, your such a cutie :)

great eats! haha you and your make me laugh!

great new gear and that workout at the gym sounds awesome!

have you read the twilight books? theyre really good!

have a wonderful night mdear
love u much

Jemima said...

Hey, sorry to hear about the thing with your friend.. I can totally, totally relate. I go apeshit if my brother takes food from what I deem to be 'my' section of the fridge/freezer. I think it's an ED thing - like physiologically we're starving so we want to protect our food, even though we're now eating? Hmm. I wonder, maybe the reason your friend got so angry was that you pointing it out made her feel like she'd been greedy? I'm just remembering a similar scenario where I snapped at a friend for taking a massive bite out of a cereal bar and she burst into tears. Later she said that she felt like a pig for taking too much food from 'the anorexic.' I think all us women have messed up foodie relationships! Anyway, sorry for the novel - your new gear looks great :)

aussirish said...

oh and i forgot to say that post was not aimed at you silly-billy!! no need to apologize or worry...u didnt trigger me at all k popper :)?

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Er - I can totally relate.. i get really protective of my food (sometimes i even hide it!) i think it just all comes back to the fact that at least for, I've starved myself for so long that food just has a deeper meaning to me.. so when someone takes it i feel like they're taking something valuable! I definitely understand how you feel, but for other people who haven't struggled with ED it does seem like an overreaction. Don't beat yourself up over it though my love, it's all part of the disease!

have a great day lady.. love you! xo

Shoshanah said...

I'm totally the person who steals other people's food. Yet, I don't really like sharing MY food. I kind of feel obligated to in order to make up for it though.

Have you read The Time Traveler's Wife yet? I tend not to read books that everybody else is obsessed with, but this one actually is that good.

ksgoodeats said...

I'm greedy when it comes to my food - no worries for telling your friend to back off! It really annoys me when people take stuff that's mine.

Books: Atonement (really long and drags on at some parts but it's worth it), Time Traveler's Wife, and of course my idol's biography: Learning to Fly