Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bad bloggie

DAMN EJ. sorry for bein tha worst bloggah on the planet.

WARNING: won't be getting ANY better starting thursday-saturday.
ORIENTATION obbbviously.. ;)

anyone know good looking ELON boys, send them my way.. OOPS, kidding....but not really

OKAY .. help.
i have this problem where i feel hungry ALL THE TIME.
my nutritionist says i'm at an extremely stable weight, (i went above and beyond my discharge weight from the hospital) i'm eating great, i'm exercising moderately (well, i've always been this active) but i'm ALWAYS hungry. she says it could be a mental thing and i could be telling myself i'm hungry., i need to get my mind off of it and try to do something else instead of **PICKING** because that IS my downfall...
a grape here, a graham cracker there.. a BUNCH of unpictured things.. squirts of whipped cream.. ya know ;)

anyway.. i was wondering if ANYONE has a similar problem!? and if so what do you do?! drink water? chew gum? get out of the kitchen???
OR i need healthy, smart, FILLING, snack ideas!

k. thanks., love

so wait, food.
i've had popcorn like 20 times in the past 24 hours, its redic.

i had this AGAIN today! berries w/ nanerr & choco chocooo sauce!
so great.

my love of a luna bar with a gorgeous naner. ( i ate a scoop 'o PB before i left, outttaa the jar. CINNAMON RAISIN. i used to NEVER do this, but lately i have been getting the confidence to just scoop it out when i crave it! I DON'T HATE IT!)


salad with chicken& honey mustard dressing
apple & a strawberrrrie chobani

**my friend brought her infamous popcorn to school home popped baby! so i just HADDDD to have about 7 unpictured handfuls... i think my friends are catching on to my addiction!

after escula i made 2 snacks!
a crudite plate...
broccoli, carrot, celery w/ salsa & a pickle for a nickel

iced coffffee <3>
fage & cantaloupe + cinnamon = LOVE IN MY MOUTH.
so simple, yet SO DELISH.

went to a lovely little tone class with my friend, laid off the cardio for today.
we shall see how my muscles feel tomorrow, IT WASN'T EASY GIRRRLLL!

DINNER* was out to eat
my normal concoction

broccoli & spinach w/ garlic and oil, portobello mushroom & sundried tomato
topped with grilled shrimp marinara..

ate every, last, bite.

now i'm noshing on grapes!

popcorn later. ;)

have a loveeeeeely night ladies.


Bec said...

So cute that you have started a food trend with your friends :)

ksgoodeats said...

Chobs AND carrots and salsa?! YUM!! Hope you have fun at orientation - it's horribly boring but maybe you'll meet some fun people :)

bhealthier said...

hey love!

k... to get back to you on your comment... I eat snacks "intuitively" but I work in two snacks with three meals on the days I workout- The way my schedule is I have to bring snacks with me to class after my workout in the morning because if I don't and I get hungry mid class- its not easy to note take in graduate classes and eat at the same time.

So- if I don't work out hard that day, I try to just eat when I'm hungry.

I avoid "nibbling" on "a grape" or "a graham cracker" because it totally screws up my hunger cues - and it also releases digestive enzymes way more than you need. So make that snack count, healthy good size to give you a boost till your next meal but not huge enough to ruin your appetite for the next meal

AND.... Elon boy, my potential future (possible) little brother in law is graduating from Elon in May. He has a blog- its on my blog roll as of tonight- it is the "My life's debris"... his name is PJ... Preston Jr..

bhealthier said...

oh my goodness...

and salmon--- 4 times a week isn't "bad" but I would be concerned about your mercury levels. It depends on the exact amount in your particular fish and the portion size you eat of it 4 times-- Usually no more than 4 times a week is recommended

tinyirishdancer said...

Oh Erbear. You aren't the worst blogger on the planet! Far from it, m'dear. =]

Hmm. While your foodie looks AWESOME, you might want to try to get s'more fats in there, because they really help you feel satiated. Olive oil, more PB (not BTPB, since it's reduced fat), are just a coupla ideas.

Sometimes, a lot of what you eat (I do this too) is higher in the carb dept. Carbs are wunnerful, but, since your body uses them before protein/fat as energy, you can feel hungry pretty quickly afterwards.


Oh, and you DO work out a ton. When I was running XC, I easily took in 2500-3000 cals a day just to maintain.
But remember - exercising itself burns calories, but also builds muscle. Since muscle burns more than fat, you'll also need to eat more to compensate for that.

So mebbe you aren't eating enough given your activity levels?
This is just my little spiel.
Take it or leave it. It won't hurt my feelings.

Luff ya, chica. Enjoy your popcorn and your evening!! <3<3

sweetandfit said...

you are sooo not a bad bloggie! i dont know any ELON boys, but I would def show them your way if i did!

Kailey (SnackFace) said...

Hey lil sistuh! I totes did not know your last name is Jonesin! Whatttt! We must have some creepy, yet wonderful, connection. You're NOT a bad blogger! You post more than I do! And this all day hunger. Some days I really feel like that too. Other days, I'm just bored or something. I am gum chewer in between meals; I don't know if this helps, I just love gum. Basically I am NO HELP. Sometimes that hunger doesn't go away until after I've had twelve mugs of cereal. Not twelve, but pretty damn close. LOVE YOU. and sorry your big sis gives lame-o advice.

ohsoravenous said...

Hehe, you and your popcorn!

omg I tots relate to feeling hungry all the time...mhmm...when you find a solution to this, let me know!

Marian's eats said...

Hmm... Only you know if it's a mental thing with the hunger or your tummy but mint gum sure helps!:)

aussirish said...

hi hunbun

its so great your at a healthy weight and excerisie moderatly! im glad your nutrionist recognized that! but maybe you need more protein with meals? you eat alot of fruits and salads which are super yummy but dont contain alot of protein and protein is what keeps us full. maybe try adding some nuts in after meals or with meals? and you could also be missing out on healthy fats which control hunger levels???

im sure youll find nice boys anywhere you go :)

have a wonderful night mdear
i love you lots

Lexi said...

I feel hungry a lot too. Maybe we should try eating denser snacks so they hold us over until meal times? Just a thought. HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT ORIENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots -o- love,

dancelikenooneiswatching said...

so glad your at a healthy weight, such a good thing!
Maybe you are always hungry but that could be down to a fast metabolism and you are maintaining a healthy weight so go with it and enjoy what you love :) you deserve it xxx

Anna said...

I don't know how it is at Elon, but at my school orientation is the best week of your entire school year. Well, it is if you don't attend every single activity. I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but we started to cut activities and just start meeting people. As long as you do all of the academic stuff that you need it can be a great change to meet all of those Elon hotties that I'm sure will be there!